la storia

Adriatica Coperture was born in 1985 by the owner of Simone Principi as a company operating in the field of industrial fittings, metal roofs and tinwork. In 1995, with the onset of the problem of asbestos hazard, Adriatica Coperture was among the first companies in Marche to start dealing with asbestos remediation.

il personale

Adriatica coperture, Osimo, furgone

Adriatica Coperture guarantees safety and reliability: since 1995 has submitted its personnel to specific courses, obtaining the certifications required to operate in the field of asbestos removal. Now that the company has acquired a 20-year experience, it can work in the field with skill and professionalism.


Adriatica coperture, Osimo, sicurezza

It is very important that anyone who has to recover and apply a cement-asbestos (eternit) cover applies only to specialized companies and who are in possession of all the legal requirements required by the current regulations governing it: Adriatica Coperture guarantees everything this.

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