Bonifica Amianto

After twelve years of experience, Adriatica Roofing staff is able to advise which of the three remediation methods provided by DM 6/9/94 is the most suitable one: removal, encapsulation, overcrowding or confinement. The main indicators to consider in order to evaluate the most appropriate remediation intervention are:

  • The friability of the material;
  • Evidence of outbreaks of asbestos fibers;
  • The presence of obvious cracks or breaks;
  • The presence of crumbly or powdery materials at water droplets, gutters etc;
  • The presence of muschi etc.

When the old cover is particularly degraded the best solution is REMOVAL. This intervention involves the radical elimination of the old asbestos cover and the subsequent installation of a new cover.

Edilizia civile

Adriatica coperture, Osimo, struttura

In the civil sector, the demands for metalwork operations are constantly increasing. Copper and aluminum are materials whose great adaptability allows practically unlimited use on any type of structure. With the "fake cup" system printed on pre-painted sheets, Adriatica Coperture meets the needs of those who want a light, modern and technologically advanced structure without having to give up a typically classic look.

Edilizia industriale

Adriatica coperture, Osimo, pannelli

Adriatica Coperture is specialized in manufacturing industrial roofing. You need to know the type of material most suitable for your case. The study of the type of supporting structure (concrete or steel) and the assessment of the degree of insulation required (based on the location of the building) are among the first elements that are evaluated by our technicians, who, after the inspections free quotes, I can advise what type of cover is best suited to the individual case. The use of sandwich panels or greyscale plates to the use of multilayer plates is the result of precise choices, the purpose of which is to guarantee the highest quality and the highest level of reliability of the final result. We also do the mounting of tamponature and veneers with plates and horizontal panels.

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