Bonifica Amianto

Adriatica coperture, Osimo, copertura

Adriatica Coperture is the leading company in the field of Asbestos Removal. Its twenty years of experience and the high level of staffing make Adriatica Coperture very successful also in the field of industrial and civilian shelling.

There are three reclamation methods provided by DM6 / 9/94: removal, encapsulation, overcrowding or confinement .

Edilizia industriale

In the shell you need to know the customer among:

Strutture metalliche

Adriatica coperture, Osimo, strutture

Realization of metal structures, sandwich panels for covering, wall and windows in polycarbonate.

Posa pannelli Sandwich italcoppo

Adriatica coperture, Osimo, pannelli

Asbestos Removal and Refurbishment Covering by Laying Sandwich Panels - ITALCOPPO

posa lastre di alluminio

Adriatica coperture, Osimo, lastre

Asbestos removal and refurbishment cover with aluminum plates.

Evacuatori - Tunnel - Lucernari

Adriatica coperture, Osimo, pannelli

Smoke evacuators, polycarbonate tunnels and skylights.

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